The CipUX project announce the release of CipUX-CAT-Web- as of 2011-02-11. SVN revision 5139.

CipUX-CAT-Web- can be downloaded from:

Maintenance Release


      * Add examinee support for, this will give
        two new CAT modules to administer examinee accounts
        examinee_class_assignment.cgi and examinee_role_assignment.cgi
      * Add examinee support for, this will give one
        new CAT module to administer examinee accounts: examinee.cgi
      * Add dependency to CipUX::Task (additional examinee tasks)
      * add start_theme section to cipux-cat-web.ini. This will let the user
        be able to choose the theme for the login session via configuration.
      * Update Japanese translation (Nobuhiro Iwamatsu)


      Christian Kuelker <>
      Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <> (Japanese translation)
      Kurt Gramlich <> (documentation, testing, theme writing)

Christian Kuelker <>
Kurt Gramlich <> (documentation, testing)